Why are we doing this?

Every now and then, there is a piece in the local newspaper regarding Kent or Christ Church University. It may be a complaint from a resident regarding noise, traffic or a new construction, it may be a university spokesperson quantifying the economic boost that their university and students contribute to the area.

In village halls and planning offices, micro discussions are taking place about the direction of these universities. In pubs and around tables, views have been aired by residents and what the university does for, or means to them.

Disjointed anecdotes are aplenty – but the latest expansion proposals mean this city deserves more. Plans are afoot that will continue to change the area for a long, long time and in many cases, irreversibly. We want to know what you think.

University Challenged has been set up by a residents group as an impartial portal to air these views and to find out what the city’s residents feel about the universities, from their speedy expansions over the last 20 years and onwards into the future. It is extremely important to know this concensus, whether it be positive or negative.

Does your business depend on the universities, are the students a welcome injection of energy? Do you feel overly imposed upon by these institutions, perhaps their control over the city too great?

Whatever you feel, we’d really like to know – answer our poll and even better, submit some words, photos or facts to us and we’ll do our best to present them in an unbiased and palatable manner….and if we receive sufficient response, we’ll endeavour to present the findings to those that are in a position to respond accordingly.