Eastbridge hospital Covenants recalled

Firstly I am so grateful that the campaign group “University Challenged”  has been  formed and that  they  are challenging the  plan re the  proposed University of Kent Campus development. This plan seeks to undertake by far the biggest development ever in the Blean area (and indeed makes the Gladman one- see “Battle fro Blean…”   seem like child’s play in comparison, not only in terms of size and  impact but in content- Gladman  at least  wants housing, the university wants car parks, concrete  and business clusters! (Gladman also leafleted the whole area.)
My husband and  I live in the midst of the area,  (much of which is a “Conservation Area” or agricultural land incidentally) that  the University proposes to destroy by concreting over and turning into several “park and ride” venues. Further we were only made aware of the plans when the posters  were put up by the campaign group. We did not receive any leaflets , nor indeed were we notified of any exhibitions.It is a disgrace. Whilst it is presented as a long term plan, many of us feel that we have a responsibility to preserve such a beautiful area for future generations to enjoy as we are able to enjoy.
I find it both astonishing and concerning that the University states that “several hundred leaflets were put in the Tyler Kiln Pub” in an article in the Kentish Gazette last week. This pub  is on a main road in the Tyler Hill Area- at least a ten minute walk from the area that could be most affected,  and  personally I  do not know anyone who frequents this particular  establishment (or indeed any other pub in this day and age). In any event I would be interested to know why the university chose to put leaflets in a pub AND in particular this one ?
I also find the whole plan quite bewildering in that- if my memory serves me correctly – I seem to recall that when this land was sold to the University by Eastbridge Hospital Trust circa 2006  we were informed that there were covenants in place that would ensure that it remained in agricultural use “in perpetuity.”
Finally I  note in the article “Battle for Blean…” that our Ward councillor Ben Fitter-Harding refers to the Gladman proposal  as “development of the worst kind”  If this is his view on this proposed development I would dearly love to know what he thinks of these university plans!-the same to the” power of 10 million”?! May we have his comments?
kind regards
Margaret Connolly
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