Canterbury only caters for students

I have been living in Canterbury since 2005 but I was born here and my family moved to Henley-on-Thames when I was 5. So I have come full circle. My mother moved back down here 10 years before then. She is a “Canterbarian”.

Since then the students have been getting more and more out of hand. I worked at the UKC for 8 years in Hospitality so I know only to well how “the little darlings” behave once away from their nest and from under mummy and daddy’s wings.

I say this with harsh words because students have been the “vain” of my family’s life since moved back.

I live in a almost student populated area. All but a handful of residents remain and we feel we have no rights left.

We do not think it is fair that no one can do anything about this issue and that it has to be the residents that have to put up with it or move out!

I have been in contact with the council/university/Police/Mayor, all kinds. The problem is they say, if I can not pin point something happening – for instance a particular venue/house – I have no case and will just have to take it.

On many occasions I have stepped out of my house to speak with students about the noise, the cars tearing up and down the road.

I have asked students who have parties in the house to keep the noise down and this is after midnight. All I get back is abuse.

The last straw was my mother having to get out of bed put on her dressing gown to go across the road to the 9 bed party house and tell them to be quiet. I did visit this house, where i have once seen students standing on top of the roof with cans and bottles taking selfies.

I did tell a boy that I was disgusted how my mother had been woken from her sleep and it was that bad she actually left the house to go and tell them to be quiet. DON’T YOU STUDENTS FEEL ASHAMED, have you got no morals or values?

My mother is elderly, I have a 9 year old niece who has to get up for school. My father passed away a few years, he had cancer and he was disturbed by the noise.

We have car parking issues, where the students are parking in resident bays, so I am having to go up the top of the street to find a space to park which makes me late for work after the school run.

I do strongly believe we are being down trodden and everything in this town is catered for students. Student discounts, what about the local residents???

I also work opposite one of the busiest venues where there is a club running Monday/Tuesday/Thurs/Fri/Sat nights, so I have to endure this from 9.30 pm until 3 am in the morning as I work night shifts as well as day.

Police/Pastors/Council seem to be worried about how the students are going to make it home safely when its us they should be more concerned with.

This used to be a lovely place but now there is so much crime and violence and basically everyone is allowed to do what they want and the town is being taken over by drink and drugs and drugs applies to students too!

I have not got a good word to say about students and please PLEASE don’t tell me I was like this at one time or another because I WAS NOT, I was not at all like this, no one was.

I was told by a guest who stayed with us she didn’t feel safe in this town and that was the day time, because of the gangs and drunken people allowed to monopolise the small gardens opposite Oxfam, no one will go in them when the drunks are in them which is most of the time.

I don’t expect a miracle but I expect respect.

Lara Russell

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