City’s character before profit

Dear University Challenged,

I would like to oppose the enlargement of the university as the roads are not sufficient to accommodate all of the proposed traffic.

Also, the building would mean there would be little green land between Tyler Hill and Blean; expansion is not wanted by the local residents who would have to endure more traffic, people and noise.

The city of Canterbury is losing its identity as there are so many students in the town; this can have a negative impact on student areas around the city.

Furthermore, the industrial units are not required; your plans have asserted there is a need for them and they will have little impact but there is no evidence cited at all. There is already a problem with flooding in the area in some places and the development would make this situation worse. Industrial units must go where they already exist and not in this rural locale.

It must be remembered that the proposed expansion is a money-making initiative. Let’s put the character of our city before profit. We only have one chance. Once the buildings are granted permission, all is lost.

Dr Stuart Pickford


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