Unsuitability of Tyler Hill Road for development

1.  We are concerned about the destruction of large areas of productive farmland and would guess that with the event of Brexit, the country will most probably need more facility for food production rather than less.  Much of the Northern Land Holding is in agricultural production.

2.  We are particularly concerned about the establishment of park and ride facilities.  Tyler Hill Road is narrow from its junction with School lane, frequently very narrow.  It also has poor sight lines on many of the bends.  Walking on Tyler Hill road is already quite dangerous.  The impact of possibly dozens, if not hundreds of cars on this road is quite unimaginable.  Shouldn’t reduction in car usage be an aim, rather than increasing it?

3.  Associated with this would be a rise in noise and especially pollution levels.  Blean is a clean environment, air quality is generally good.

4.  The presence of a series of business parks on Tyler Hill Road and park and ride facilities would completely destroy the nature of Blean as a rural community.  Very high levels of traffic on the A290 are already a problem.  Adding more traffic to this to access the park and ride and the business parks would exacerbate the problem.

5.  Land between the University and Tyler Hill Road is open, quiet and pleasant for recreation,  a transport link between park and ride facilities and the University would destroy this.  No doubt much wildlife on all parts of the proposed development would be lost.

We feel that the proposals should be more widely known.

Brian and Janet Farley

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2 Responses to Unsuitability of Tyler Hill Road for development

  1. Tricia Hulks says:

    I agree entirely with Brian and Janet Farley. I would also add to this that the University is proposing to ‘adopt’ Giles Lane, i.e. make it a private road without through traffic. This would also add a large amount of traffic to Tyler Hill Road.

    I feel that the University’s ‘consultation process’ has been very poor. This may or may not be deliberate. Dates for presentations were incorrect and badly publicised and no one in Tyler Hill or Blean received the information leaflet which was supposed to be delivered to every household. I .can’t believe this was also an oversight. Many people in the two villages still have no information and the date for responses has now passed.

    Tricia Hulks

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  2. I would just like to add I agree with both of the above posts.
    As a local resident I had no idea of any ‘consultation process’. As the date for responses has now passed it may be too late to voice concerns as an individual, but something needs to be done to make residents of both villages aware of these proposed plans before it is too late.

    Peter Sargent


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