Canterbury housing stock

The University has helped Canterbury to progress over the years in terms of
contributing in the education of younger generations and also allowing various

businesses to prosper etc. However, continual growth is becoming detrimental to the quality of life in the City.

The student population has over exceeded what it should be, and is now a burden to the city of Canterbury in terms of what it can actually deal with.


From a personal point of view, I have been looking to rent a family house which is relatively close to the train stations giving me access to London.
The rental prices are quite high and the quality of house you get in return is terrible! 
Most houses are kept to a very poor/low standard as the rental market in Canterbury is purely driven by students, which is ridiculous.  
As a result we opted to live outside of Canterbury (in one of the nearby villages) and for the same money we are getting a much nicer house instead of an overpriced, run down student house. This is a terrible shame because Students may not actually care about the area they are studying in.  They may not look after the City or take pride in the City to try and keep it looking at its best! 
So in summary, I am totally against any expansion of the University as I don’t think the City of Canterbury can actually cope with it.  It will have a detrimental affect on the City and to expand it further and build on more land within the City is nonsensical.
Mikkos Vrahimis
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