Development on good farmland

Dear University Challenged,
There are good economic arguments for University expansion, I have no issue with the UKC expansion. Like any business, expansion should be at its own risk. 
I do have issue with the development plans. The first is ‘The Northern Land Developments’. Why the need  to develop the edge of the holding and not the fields closer? The land earmarked for Rural Hubs (whatever that means) is better quality farming land than that closer to the Campus and the proposed cricket pitch sits on land with a gravel seam that leaks water, many days lost to a soggy outfield. It seems to me a further development boundary is being unnecessarily being created, the 100 year plan will see the creation of a new town.
The second issue is this. Where is the educational need driving the expansion? I understand that campus numbers could be doubled inside the existing developed area, the land used up is so far out of balance with the Universities educational requirements.
I hope that further consultation will lead to the removal of the Rural Hubs and Innovation Center and the cricket pitch is not required ( unless the St Lawrence Ground is going to be developed…..Is this part of the Plan?)
Local Resident
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