UKC’s Northern Land Holdings

Dear University Challenged,

I’m speaking as an Alumni of the University and someone who benefitted from all the amazing facilities it had to offer. In fact, I’m normally very pro UKC to the extent that I opened their Sports Centre and will presenting their Sporting Legends Evening this coming December.

Having said all that and having seen the plans for the Northern Land Holdings I think the Masterplan goes too far. UKC has always blended in and enhanced the local surroundings – this plan obliterates them. The Crab and Winkle Way is a key link between Whitstable and Canterbury for bike riders, runners, dog walkers and hikers. The fields and open spaces are beautiful and integral to the village of Blean and to the lives of the people who live there.


As for the cricket pitch – and here I speak as former captain of Kent, as a cricket reporter for Sky and as a father of two sons who both play locally – it’s not needed. Cricket clubs are not bursting at the seams with players. We have tremendous clubs and facilties in the local area at Whitstable, Chestfield, Canterbury and Faversham to name but a few. They are in need in support and increased participation to keep them afloat. In short we haven’t got enough players for the clubs and pitches we already have.


Dave Fulton

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