A website for your views on Canterbury’s universities

With the University of Kent having just released its “Masterplan” – a 50 year development proposal and hot on the heels of Christ Church University’s “Estate Master Plan“, it is now the perfect time for some more open discussion on the universities and their effects on the local area – good or bad.

As these proposals will affect many people in the city, this website is a portal for the people of Canterbury to share their views – something that University Challenged feels is long overdue.

Please email us your views!               Or browse categories to see what’s being sent in.

It’s important to get to the heart of how Canterbury residents feel about the universities and their recent and future expansion. This website has been created with an open mind, it is to give a voice to those that have strong feelings regarding the universities, be they support or indignation; for those feelings to be suitably aired, collated and presented. 

Essentially, we need your opinions. University Challenged will be almost completely made up by submissions from the public. Hyper local anecdotes, imagery, references and data sheets and even emotional outpourings are expected – please see here for a guide to submissions or if you’re pushed for time, please take the poll here.

Thank you.